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September 26, 2013
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MetroSidebar Beta by amine5a5 MetroSidebar Beta by amine5a5

MetroSidebar is the new generation of Windows Sidebar.

The story started when microsoft decided to remove Windows Sidebar from its operating systems for some security issues, so i decided to create a new software to replace the Windows Sidebar, which is secured and takes advantage of the new Modern UI (Metro).

This is a beta version, so i need some testers, please contact me,
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-09-29
MetroSidebar Beta by ~amine5a5 ( Suggested by Great-Name and Featured by fediaFedia )
MercuryX Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I like long as it doesn't require a bunch of RAM usage like the vista one did
Thank you, enjoy!
Christhomas14 Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Some problems I've run into: 
- The only way to turn it off for me is to end the process in task manager.
- Pressing the Metro sidebar program in the start tab (Using windows 7) installs another windows sidebar, Resulting in 2.
- Uninstalling left all the files behind, Only deleted the .exe.
- Using the settings on the bottom right corner of the sidebar does nothing. Non of the settings do anything.
- Using msconfig to stop the startup program results in the sidebar installing itself again, Resulting in 2 sidebars (again)
- After having a data dump (AKA blue screen of death, Only did this for test purposes), The whole sidebar resets its data. (The old files are there, But it doesn't use them, And it returns to its original state. Meaning you have to delete the old files and start over.

Opinion: Even with all the problems, I loved the idea of this. If it got fixed, I wouldn't even mind paying for it.

Conclusion: Sadly, I'm uninstalling. I'm a big gaming fanatic, And this was causing alot of problems in fullscreen, And that I had to fix it over and over. But if you fixed this, I'd install it in a heart beat.
I still haven't drunk my morning-coffee, so let's make it short:

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE,LOVE! *____* More lovelovelove+++!
Lol, what a lovely comment, THANK YOU!Love 
Hi! (=^_^=)
Are you still working on this project? I've been using Metro Sidebar v. 0.20 for the past few weeks. - Where are the updates? T__T
Don't quit! >.<
I'm working hard on this project, it will be ready soon, btw just created a twitter account to share news about the updates.
Thank you!
Twitter account? I thought I already followed you... Oh, wait! That was someone else pretenging to be you! I thought it was yours, y'know. >.<

Tell me, is that your account, Amine?( )
I've been following your Metrosidebar project for a long time and I must say I simply love it. Finally, something suiting the UI of Windows 8.1. It's so much better than docklets!!

A question- will you add the option to disable Windows Taskbar?!^_^  Instead, you could add a tile showing all active/running windows/programs. The "Anno Domini 1999" style Windows Taskbar is useless in WIN 8.1. It doesn't fit Modern U.I, so such an option would be a great addition for people, who hate Windows Taskbar. 

Anyways, thanks for your response! Good to know, you don't ignore our queries.
Good Luck with your project!
Yes the Twitter account it you wrote is mine, i created it a few days ago (that's why i don't have much followers)

I finished developing it, and i'm working on the developers website, so even if you don't find the Taskbar Hiding tile in the Tile Store when we release it, don't worry i'll spend a few days developing the tile and you'll see it in the store, as well as many other tiles developed by the developers.

About the queries, don't worry i receive and read every single message by users, even if i don't answer (because i'm busy all the time), i take them in consideration.

Thank you very much for telling me your feedback, i really appreciate it.
Exper1mental Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I have to say, I use both Rainmeter and xWidget and this is definitely has impressed me.

Ran Into a couple of hiccups though:

- I can't seem to get the player to work. Does it play files on its own or use a media player?

- It is cumbersome trying to open the sidebar when it uses the same side of the screen as the charms bar (which can cover up the sidebar launcher). I'd suggest a hover button that is always on top display in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, which opens the sidebar. It would also be great if the sidebar could be moved around, or at least the option to have it anchored to the other sides of the screen.

Suggestions (I have no idea how feasible any of these are):

- Ability to change tile sizes (including having larger tiles)

- More colors and maybe the ability to use custom colors (RGB and/or Hex would be great)

- Add a command line code that tells the executable file to launch the sidebar (For shortcuts and third-party programs)

- Add the ability to change the "background" color (perhaps even to an image)

- Add a way to make the sidebar partially transparent.

- Add a calculator tile

- Add system monitoring tiles (i.e. CPU Usage and Net Usage)

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